Living Organism – That I am!!!

In science class with the first graders of George Mitchell  Elementary, the students classified me as a living organism.  I am not a “non-living” object like a rock or a chair.  Did you know that to be considered a living organism you need the following characteristics:

  • Need water and food
  • Need shelter
  • Movement
  • Ability to breathe
  • Ability to excrete waste
  • Ability to grow
  • Ability to reproduce


When I was born I came from a litter of six puppies.  My mom was a Golden Retriever and my dad was a Poodle. I eat kibble and drink water.  I am no longer a puppy and I am now full grown.  My mom takes me out for walks so I can go outside to go to the bathroom. I sleep in my crate that is in my mom’s house.  I exercise a lot by running, playing ball and swimming.  I love to breathe clean outdoor air the  best.

These first graders are soooooo smart!


Can You See Me?????

First new book of the school year

Wowzers!!  I have been having such a good time in Ms. Bradshaw’s classroom.  We have been learning all about our body parts.  Guess what?  I have teeth, ears and eyes just like them.  But you know what… I have a tail!

Take a look at our new book

Frog Pond Elementa…
By Ms. Bradshaw’s Stu…

Science with First Grade

Living Organism – that’s me!

One of my favorite places to visit is science class, especially when I am the main event.  I was the “LIVING ORGANISM” .  We talked about what living things need.  I need air, water and food.  I have to go outside to go potty and need shelter.  The students saw how I grew over the pass two years.  They saw how I have some of my mother’s and some of my father’s traits.

Wagging Tales Book Release

Wagging Tales Group

Mrs. Vessecchia’s first graders spent a good amount of time reading to me all year. I loved every minute of it. Everyone of the kids is ready for second grade. Listening to kids is very comforting for me. It makes me relax and smile. Sometimes it puts me to sleep. If you want to see what the kids thought about their experience, check out the book – Wagging Tales

My new friends

My new friends

Pillars of Character

Respect, Caring and Fairness

Early this year I started to meet with each grade to talk about the pillars of character. So far I have spent time with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students talking and learning about caring, fairness and respect. Here are some of the fun things we did together.

The 3rd grade student and I talked about respect.  They taught me all about respect and how we should accept everyone’s differences. We drew pictures to show respect and shared them with each other.  Thank you for making that day fun.


A few weeks later, I was able to learn about caring from 1st graders.  We created a poster about caring by tracing our hands, and paws to fill with caring words and phrases. The 1st graders and I had an enjoyable day and I can see they really cared about each other and me.


I got to watch a great assembly on fairness which was the next character trait I learned about. The 2nd graders and I  created an acronym poster for fairness.   The 2nd graders showed they understood what fairness is all about. They even took turns to playing with me.


I want to thank the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students who have helped me learn more about caring, fairness and respect.  I had such a blast and can’t wait to spend time with the older kids to learn about sportsmanship, trustworthiness and citizenship.

A Book About Nola

I am so proud of the students in Mrs. Keane’s class.  They all wrote wonderful paragraphs about me after my visit to their classroom.  We put all the sentences together with some pictures and there you have it – A BOOK!

Take a look!

This book was funded by a NJEA grant available for the 2010-2011 school year.  To assure continuation of this writing project beyond the scope of the grant,  five dollars for each book purchased will be placed in a fund to produce additional books written by students in Little Egg Harbor School District.  These books will be available to all students and the public library. Just go to the shopping cart icon (Buy me) located in the bottom bar (left side)  of the screen above.

Science – Living Organism

How about that… I am a living organism!  I got to be part of a lesson plan for first graders in Ms. Maciejewski’s science class.  We talked about the traits I have from my mom and my dad.  I got to tell them what I eat and how my master takes care of me.  The best part was how I showed how my master and I communicate by demonstrating my tricks and commands.  The students had so many interesting questions for me.


D0G - a living organism!

I met five groups of students from  Mrs. Starr, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Cittadino, and Mr. Tobin’s class. We talked about what a living organism needs such as water, food and shelter.   I got to show the students how I communicate with my master by her words and sign language and my body language and barking.  The best part was I showed how good my sense of smell is by finding a piece of rabbit fur in the classroom and I was not peeking when they hid it!   By looking at pictures of my mom and dad, the students saw how I have my mom’s fur color but the curly texture of my dad.  This was so much fun!

Class Visit with Mrs. Agliata

I had so much fun in Mrs. Agliata’s first grade class.  I got to show some of my tricks to the boys and girls.  I did Wave, Speak, Please, Kiss,  Peekaboo and a few more.  I played my favorite game of “Find the Rabbit”.  My master, Mrs. Rice, told them all about me.  All the boys and girls got to pet and hug me.  I even got to sneak a few kisses.  I sure hope I can come back later and help with reading and writing.