Indy’s First Official AKC Title

Therapy Dog

Indy completed her training and passed the test for certification as a therapy dog through Bright & Beautiful  a few months ago.  But now, my sister, is recognized by AKC as an official therapy dog. So proud of her!  She is a bit of a rebel but she calms down and behaves when she plays the role of therapy dog. Indy completed 50 official visits with LEH schools and nursing homes.

Indy is now officially titled Indy-Go Whyne, THD

Indy-Go Whyne, THD

Indy-Go Whyne, THD


Thanks to the LEH Teacher Association

Local Pride Grants

The Little Egg Harbor Township Education Association continues to provide grants that allows the students in Little Egg Harbor to publish books.  These books actually center around me and my sister – Indy!! Our pictures are always on the front cover.  Pretty awesome!  Neither one of us is camera shy at all!

The greatest part about these books is watching the entire process of writing, from brainstorming to publication, that the students experience. To be a true author is such a cool thing to be – an experience the kids always remember!

The students are so proud of their book.  They share them with the other children in the school. with their family and with other members of the community.  They become true authors and are famous in the eyes of Little Egg Harbor’s Community.  These books bring the  public schools out into the community and the community into our school. Family Reading Night is my favorite event because the kids and parents can hear these stories.

I am anticipating great things again for next year.

A special thank you to the Little Egg Harbor Teacher Association for giving us the resources to show what our students can do!

Links to each book are provided on the website. Go to top tab labeled Published Books and you can preview each book published by the students of Little Egg Harbor over the past four  years.

A Journey into the Past

Meet George Washington from Nola’s perspective

Mrs. Rice’s experience with Nola at the Reenactment of the Crossing of the Delaware sparked the students’ interest as she shared her pictures of this event. It proved to be a perfect topic for a social studies related book. Through their collaboration on this project, the third grade students were able to address various third grade standards within reading, writing and social studies.

The students, researching the topic of the Crossing of the Delaware, gathered information, took notes and categorized information into the chapters. They used facts, definitions and details to support each of their topics. The use of technology was a major component throughout the creation of this book. As the weeks went on, the students were seen describing relationships between series of historical events and writing over different times frames for various purposes. The project took a turn and the focus changed to George Washington. The end result was this book completed in informative text that examines and conveys complex ideas and information clearly and accurately regarding the life of George Washington.

This book, which relates the life of George Washington from Nola’s perspective, can now be shared with all the third graders in Little Egg Harbor when addressing the social studies curriculum standard on the leadership qualities and historical contributions of George Washington.

America's Independence
America’s Inde…
Back in Time to Mee…
By Mrs. Mandra’s Thi…
Photo book

Marching Through the Calendar Years!


Mrs. Wentzell’s and Mrs. Wade’s second grade class has a kindergarten class that they read to every week. They always want to share what they are doing in class with the kindergartners. Since the second graders were learning about the months of the year, they decided to write a book that everyone in the school could enjoy, especially their kindergarten buddies. Who better to star in the book than Nola and Indy?

The students worked in cooperative groups to write about each month. They had to research what season, weather, and holidays happened in each month. Each group completed a page that had a repeated pattern for each month. This will allow the beginner readers to be successful when reading.

The students also had the opportunity to work with the dogs in the photo shoots. They assisted with the selection of costumes and scenes that suited the written piece. The students helped Nola and Indy get dressed and get into position with a few treats in hand. Some students took the opportunity to take photos which found their way in this book. When all was said and done, the dogs surprised and impressed the students.

Indy Goes Public

Indy’s Adventure in the Woods

Indy’s walk in the woods inspired Mrs. Truitt’s and Mrs. Massa’s students to create a story based on Indy’s experiences.  The students looked at the pictures of Indy to write a fictional story in the Barebones sentence genre.  Barebones sentences are the written language portion of the Project Read Program.

The students organized the pictures and discussed a storyline.  Each page of the book was brainstormed by all of the students.  The sentences were lengthened using the “where” predicate expanders.  This resulted in new sentences noting where the action took place.  Additionally, the concepts of before, during and after were incorporated as part of the story.

Throughout this process, the students exhibited creativity and the ability to expand their vocabulary and sentence structure. Their relationship with Indy as a school dog facilitated their imagination within this story.  Written expression no longer proved to be a chore.

Take a Look and flip through the pages…..



Bubbles 4 Autism

Bubbles and Bubbles and More Bubbles

Linked in LOVE! Bubbles are symbols of hope and represent dreams and wishes of those facing autism and  people who love and support them.

On April 1st at one o’clock billions of bubbles flew in the air for autism awareness.  The students in Little Egg Harbor participated in this event.  Although we can’t blow bubbles, we did a good job chasing bubbles!

Calendar Book in the making!

Photo shoots!!!!

January and February has been busy months for Mrs. Wentzel’s second graders as they write their calendar book.  Guess who the star characters are in this book.  Yup!  It is Indy and I.  I am use to photo shoots!  I put on  silly outfits and have to stay still with a smile on my face.  The best part is that I am forever getting treats during the photo shoot.  But Indy is new to all of this.  My mom says she does not understand the word “Stay” yet.  She also isn’t too sure about the outfits that she is being stuffed into. She doesn’t get the idea that you have to look at the camera and not get distracted by all the stuff.

Winter Holidays!!!

Snow, snow and more snow!

This being my first holiday with my sister, Indy, it was quite different.  Romping in the snow is more exciting when you have a partner to join in and play. The pine branches are laden with snow!  One nudge with the nose and you are covered in snow!IMG_5127 IMG_5117







Presents can be shared! Our stockings were filled with goodies and toys.  I think that means we were good!




Fall is here!!!

 Hiking in the Barrens

There is nothing like a good romp in the woods with my sister, Indy.


We always wear our safety vests when we hike.  It makes it easier for my mom to find us since we both blend in with the fall scenery.


This is my favorite activity. I can dig, sniff in the leaves, and run after the deer. Indy is discovering all sorts of new smells out here.






I have a funny feeling that Indy is enjoying this romp in the woods just as much!

Howl! oween Pawrade!!!

Parades at George Mitchell and Frog Pond

What a blast!  Fantastic weather and some very interesting costumes!  This was Indy’s first Halloween so she got to wear the frog costume that I wore when I was little.  I got to be the princess which is pretty much what I am anyway!

Princess & the Frog

Princess & the Frog


Leaders of the Halloween Parade

Leaders of the Halloween Parade

Gra'Nola as the princess

Gra’Nola as the princess

Indigo as the Frog

Indigo as the Frog